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Dingle Elopement


Homecoming Magic For
Jessica and Ben

For a lot of people, visiting Ireland can feel like coming home — even if they’ve never been here before! Which is probably why Jessica and Ben had such a fabulous elopement. Jessica has Irish heritage and knew that was where she wanted to tie the knot. The couple spent some time in Ireland before their wedding day, so she could connect with her ancestral homestead and even meet some distant relatives. It was a meaningful start to their elopement, which was full of family and friends in the Emerald Isle, and they even stayed on for their honeymoon!​

TThe couple was based in Dingle, situated on stunning peninsula on the southwest coast, which is not only known for its dramatic cliffs and rolling hills, but also for its “hardware pubs”. That’s right, a place where you can get a hammer, some rain boots, and a pint of Guinness all in one stop! It’s a friendly, bohemian corner of the world — the perfect place for family and friends to join for a wedding.

Dingle Elopement

The day itself was a gorgeous celebration of the couple, alongside their nearest and dearest. The bride and her loved ones got ready together in the morning, before heading over to Rahinnane Castle for the ceremony itself. Believed to have been built around the 7th or 8th century, the tower house still stands tall and is surrounded by green, rolling hills.

Jessica and Ben hosted group activities the day before the wedding, taking in some local sites and even a Sea Safari tour, a great way to take in some spectacular views along with some adorable marine life. They based themself in a little guesthouse in the center of town, which is an amazing way of soaking up some local charm.

Dingle Elopement

The ceremony was a charming mix of personal vows and Celtic tradition — the couple chose to take part in the handfasting ritual, joining their two lives together. Some of their loved ones were there in person and others were able to Zoom in so they didn’t miss a moment — and the castle provided a perfect backdrop for group photos!​

While the guests returned to Dingle (with a little champagne for their journey), the couple headed to along the Slea Head Drive for some private moments and breathtaking photographs, taking in the Atlantic and some of Ireland's most famous vistas. Coumeenole Beach was a particularly romantic stop, and Clogher Strand is always an amazing choice for photographs. Then, they were back to Dingle to rejoin their loved ones — for the celebrations to really take off.

They chose to end the night in true Irish style. Drinks and dinner in a private room at a traditional Irish pub, followed by a pub crawl! It was definitely the perfect end to a day filled with friends, family, and a whole lot of love. It was a big night, but luckily the couple had more time to explore Ireland. They spent their honeymoon exploring Killarney, Cork, the Cliffs of Moher, and Dublin— what a way to round off an elopement, and for Jessica to get in touch with her roots!

Dingle Elopement


Planner:                      Emerald Weddings

Photographer:           Nick O'Keeffe

Officiant:                   Pat Clarke-Browne

Makeup Artist:          Marilyn McSweeney

Hair Stylist:                Tricia O'Sullivan

Ceremony Music:     Sirona Strings    

Reception Venue:     The Marina Inn

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