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Ireland Elopement Planner

Wicklow Mountains Elopement

A Wicklow Mountains Elopement full of adventure

Tabitha was a bride who knew what she wanted — and it just so happened that she wanted to go hiking for her wedding! When Tim proposed, Tabitha gave him a resounding yes, as long as hiking could be a part of their big day. And if there’s one place that offers a mix of romantic backdrops and dramatic, hike-able countryside, it’s Ireland. Tabitha and Tim have a shared love of the outdoors and a passion for travel. In fact, though they’re from Connecticut and Arkansas, they actually met in Greece when Tabitha was teaching and Tim was serving in the US military. With a mutual love of adventure, it’s no wonder they chose to elope!

They started out there Irish adventure with a few days in Dublin, staying at the famous Shelbourne Hotel — the best hotel in the city, known for its “legacy of elegance and style”. It’s certainly a sophisticated way to start an elopement. From there, they moved to a cute Airbnb in Wicklow Mountains National Park. Located not far from Dublin and packed with hiking trails and beautiful views, the national park was a perfect place for this pair to celebrate. They got ready for their big day in the Airbnb before sharing a special moment with their ‘first look’ in the garden.

Then it was time for the adventure to really begin. Glendalough, which takes its name from the Gaelic, meaning “the valley of the two lakes”, is famous not only for its breathtaking views, but for its famous monastic site dating back to the 6th century along with its unique wildlife. And, of course, there are plenty of hiking trails for Tabitha. The couple traveled to the Glendalough Valley for photographs by the lake shore, taking in the staggering countryside.

Hiking the Spinc trail, Tabitha’s wedding wish came true! As you climb the trail, you get a breathtaking, panoramic view of the valley, which then opens up to a stunning look at the vast Wicklow Uplands. The sheer beauty and majesty of the surrounding area is a wonderful place to start building a life together, to feel a part of something bigger.

And what a place for a ceremony. Overlooking the valley, their parents zoomed in for a heartfelt exchange and a lovely mix of personal vows and Celtic traditions. The couple chose to take part in the handfasting ceremony, where their hands are tied together as a symbol of their union, the binding of their two lives into one. There was ample time for Gareth to capture some breathtaking images before sunset when we made their way back into the valley.

With a day so full of adventure, it wasn’t a surprise that the couple chose to retire back to the Airbnb to end the night in their own special way — a bottle of wine and Chinese food! It was the perfect way to round off the day, one that they put their own stamp on every step of the way. Eager to soak in a bit more of Ireland, the couple spent a few more days in Dublin to see everything the capital had to offer. Then it was back to Greece and, undoubtedly, a lifetime full of adventure!


Planner:                      Emerald Weddings

Photographer:           Lima Conlon

Officiant:                   Romy Mc Cauley

Florals:                        Flowers by Joesphine

Dress:                         Ayrin Bridal

Hair Stylist:                Michelle O'Hare

Makeup Artist:          Makeup by Asta

"If you're going to elope to Ireland, you must absolutely go with Emerald Weddings! Gerard is the most amazing and genuine planner. He had everything planned out perfectly and ensured that we had the best vendors. He even had a few surprises up his sleeve for us. After agreeing to hike up a mountain with us, he's truly become a friend. Booking him will ensure that your elopement is absolutely magical."

                                    Tabitha & Tim

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